Spectrum Thoughts has been created to encourage our listeners to contribute serious thoughts about chamber music; our programming at Spectrum Concerts Berlin, our live performances in the Berlin Philharmonie and our CD releases on the Naxos label. 

For instance! This is an email we received right after our series concert on April 10, 2022. A concert guest was interested in an English version of our recently published book, Shall We Dance (IBN-No.: 978-3-9821344-0-6):

"I've been looking for an English translation of Shall We Dance Spectrum Concerts Berlin, but I haven't been able to find it. Could you please tell me if an English translation exists? If so, I would love to order one." 

"Thank you for your speedy reply and sharing this article with me (Strad Magazine 2018). I've read it with great interest. It's very refreshing to read about the values you uphold with this series, also across the borders. I work for a concert hall in Amsterdam and for a private enterprise like this it seems difficult these days to not chase star-power to fuel turnout. It's an ongoing 'contest' between commerce and the artistic, luckily we do succeed finding the balance in this. Aside from that, I think a book could be written about the way managements have shifted their priorities in the last decades..! 
I hope the resources for a translation will come to you soon! I will be on the lookout for it. In the meantime I wish you all the best."


  1. I believe that Spectrum Concerts Berlin might be qualified, in this treacherous but also hopeful new media environment, to serve as a bit of a starting point for some new attitudes to the whole "concert music" scene. The "cultural genealogy" of "classical music" is that the royalty and aristocracy and religious establishments of Europe supported it until the governments took over. SCB famously brought some alternative approaches from the USA. But a newly thought-out genealogy -- something less like a gilded frame and more like an elevation of public consciousness -- might help bring about new forms of both support and engagement. - John Beck, an old friend of SCB


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